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Company Introduction

EverEdge is a global intangible asset advisory, valuation and transaction specialist. Intangible assets, including data, content, software, brands, customer and supplier relationships, confidential information and regulatory approvals are the most important assets companies own, accounting for over 90% of all company value. However, these assets are frequently under-reported on company balance sheets, creating or hiding major risks and opportunities. EverEdge helps companies to identify, value and monetise these assets and reduce intangible asset risk.

Founded in 2008 EverEdge has successfully completed over 1,300 client engagements across the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australasia. EverEdge clients include Fortune 100 corporations, investors, national governments, research institutes and start-ups. We generate an average return on fees of 10x and have a Net Promoter Score of +63% (regarded as “outstanding” for a professional services firm).institutional investors, governments, research institutes and ambitious start-ups. We have delivered our clients an average return on fees of over 10x.


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Key Office Presence in SG

One North Bridge Road, High Street Centre

IP Expertise

  • IP Portfolio Management
  • IP Strategy Consultancy
  • IP Valuation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • IP Brokerage (Licensing/Sale)
  • Innovation Consultancy
  • IP Training
  • Investor
  • IP Securitisation Consultation

Market Served

  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore

Industry Focus

  • Precision Engineering
  • Energy and Chemicals
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Environmental Services
  • Air Transport
  • Land Transport
  • Logistics
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Food Services
  • Retail

List of Key Practice Experts

Tyler Capson

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Tyler is Managing Director – Asia for EverEdge. In 2017, Tyler was instrumental in developing an alliance with IPOS International, a subsidiary of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, which helped establish EverEdge’s on-the-ground presence in the market. Since this time, EverEdge’s local presence has grown significantly, with Tyler working with leading Singapore and international companies such as Singtel, Danone, Singapore Power, ST Aerospace (and more), to help them find ways to better leverage and value their intangible assets. Specialisations: Corporate Strategy and operational efficiency Quality and risk management in operations Business process improvement and design Industrialization and Straight through processing enhancement initiatives Operational method implementation (Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen) Financial efficiency and advanced financial planning process.

Name, Job title

Tyler Capson , Managing Director - Asia

Awards and accoladess

  • Certified Patent Valuation Analyst (CPVA)
  • Chartered Valuer and Appraiser (CVA)
  • MBA (Strategy) - University of Utah
  • BSc (Finance) – Brigham Young
  • Paul Davies

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    Paul is a global leader in the management, strategy and commercialisation of intangible assets. He is renowned for his experience in technology commercialisation – helping businesses to realise the full potential of their intangible assets. Paul helps his clients identify, manage, value and monetise their intangible assets, whether these are held in registered forms such as patents or unregistered forms such as trade secrets and know-how. Paul has been heavily involved in negotiating commercial deals, particularly licensing deals between technology firms and large multi-nationals, as well as providing advice on multi-million-dollar transactions of intangible assets and associated business units. He has also helped a number of companies with the development of commercial strategies for exit and/or business succession. Specialisations: IA strategy Identification of IP – registered and unregistered forms Risk management IP and technology commercialisation IP Management

    Name, Job title

    Paul Davies , Head of Strategy

    Awards and accoladess

  • Intellectual Asset Management Top 300 IP Strategist 6x between 2013-2021
  • Registered Patent & Trademark Attorney
  • Paul Adams

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    Paul Adams is the CEO of EverEdge. EverEdge helps companies and capital providers convert intangible assets (such as data, design, inventions, brands, software and content) into business impact: increased margins, market share and enterprise value. Paul has been ranked as one of the top intellectual property strategists in the world for the last nine years consecutively and is a prior recipient of the Global IP Leader Award. Paul is a respected Director of several New Zealand and Singapore based organizations and is also Chairman of a CEO Institute syndicate. Prior to EverEdge, Paul served as IP Manager for the NYSE listed Brunswick New Technologies. He was the founding incubator manager of The Icehouse Incubator, named one of the top 10 technology incubators in the world by Forbes magazine. He has served on the advisory board of the New Zealand government’s commercialisation vehicle Callaghan Innovation and on the Board of Lewis Holdings, a $350m private investment vehicle.

    Name, Job title

    Paul Adams , CEO

    Awards and accoladess

  • Intellectual Asset Management Top 300 IP Strategist 2011-2021
  • Global IP Leader Prize, Intellectual Property Focus Forum, Shanghai, China, 2012
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    EverEdge Pte Ltd



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    08/07/2021 Tyler Capson

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