List of IP Expertise

To establish common understanding and allow for easy navigation, we have classified all IP/IA services under the following key capabilities, each covering a specialised area of expertise. Please note that assets, modes of transaction and business issues may differ across industries.

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List of Common IP Expertise

Branding Strategy
Creating and implementing brand strategy.
Dispute Resolution
Dealing with IP related disputes such as litigation, enforcement, and alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration and mediation.
Innovation Consultancy
Consulting on innovation strategies.
IP Brokerage (Licensing/Sale)
Providing broker services for IP assets i.e. licensing and/or sales of IP assets.
IP Database
Providing IP-related information such as trade mark and patent data to customers, usually by way of a subscription.
IP Legal Services
Supporting IP-related transactional needs such as drawing up commercial IP agreements, acquisition and/or disposal of IP assets.
IP Marketplace / Transactions
Enabling enterprises in the transaction of IP assets such as technology transfer or licensing.
IP Portfolio Management
Assisting businesses in the management of an IP asset portfolio such as monitoring filed applications, renewal dates etc.
IP Strategy Consultancy
Aligning business and IP strategies to grow the business and manage risk.
IP Taxation Advisory
Dealing with tax matters related to IP and IA.
IP Training
Training and upskilling employees for awareness and specialist capabilities.
IP Valuation
Assessing the value of its portfolio of IP assets for transactions or internal management.
Patent Agent's services
Providing patent-related services such as patent searches, patent applications and advice on filing strategies.
Patent Analytics
Using patent data to support R&D and IP strategy.
Trademark Agent's services
Providing trademark related services such as assisting businesses to conduct trade mark searches, trade mark application and advising on filing strategies.

Other IP Expertise


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