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Welcome to IP GROW™, a specialist platform that connects enterprises and service providers to manage intellectual property/intangible assets.

To join the platform, your company – 1) must be registered with the local government, such as ACRA in Singapore, 2) must have at least one company representative who has more than 5 years of experience in the listed area of expertise and provide evidence of the same, 3) the person (listed by the firm) and/or the firm must not have any public records of past professional misconduct, and 4) for regulated industries such as patent agent work, the company must be able to provide evidence that they have attained the necessary licences / qualifications to provide the services, upon request by the platform administrator.

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  • As registered in ACRA
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  • Please pick maximum 5 key IP expertise based on revenue or expertise that you would like to promote. (Refer to here for the description of each IP Expertise.)
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  • Small Enterprise (Revenue Less than $10M)​
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  • Focus Area

    Please select the IP Expertise that your company can provide. You can refer to glossary list for the description of services. (You can select more than one expertise.)
  • Please select the countries that your companies can network and presences to help enterprises with IP issues. (You can choose more than one country.)
  • Please select the industries that your company has experiences serving. (You can choose more than one industry.)
  • List of Key Practice Experts

  • You may upload the profile for maximum 10 experts. For this form, you must upload at least 1 expert. Subsequently after you are listed, you may continue to provide us the profile of the other experts, up to a total of 10 experts.
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